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  1. Security Guard Company California (CA)
    Hire the #1 Rated Security Guard Company in California. USPA Nationwide Security of California provides security guards, bodyguards CA
  2. Bodyguard Protection CA
    Experienced Bodyguards and Executive Protection Services California. Want to Hire the #1 Rated Bodyguard Services in CA? Bodyguards, Close Protection and Secure Transport CA
  3. Fire Watch Security Guards California
    USPA Nationwide Security of CA is the #1 Rated Fire Watch Security Service among the Firewatch Companies in California. Need an Emergency Firewatch in California?
Security Guard Company California (CA)
#1 Rated Security Guard Service CA
USPA Nationwide Security of California is a full-service security guard company (CA) with a large portfolio of private security, as well as governmental security contracts performed at the highest levels since 2005. Our portfolio represents years of security industry expertise and an ongoing commitment to add value to our client’s businesses. Whether implementing general security guard services, or partnering with our clients for security consulting, close protection, event and bodyguard services, USPA Nationwide Security of California will demonstrate our know-how in protecting, planning, implementing and maintaining a secure environment for California business, government and private clients.
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USPA Nationwide Security of California will review and run scenarios on your current security plans and deploy changes in near real-time with our experienced security consultants to deliver operational excellence utilizing our trained security guards, bodyguards, fire watch and general security services in California.
Zach Micheletti | Chief Executive Officer - USPA Nationwide Security of California
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How to Hire the #1 Rated Security Guard Company in California
Often times, when someone is looking to hire a security guard company in California, they run into a barrage of security companies all over the Internet claiming to be the best rated CA security guard company. When a potential client calls, we usually ask, “Why do you want to hire a security guard company in the first place? “As much as some potential clients do not want to engage that question, the question makes sense. As a security provider in California, we need to assess any potential risk, choke points and or a potential legal issue with providing a certain type of security service. For instance, a security guard company can be called to handle a Fire Watch in an emergency situation when a building is deemed unsafe or the fire suppression system is down and it is usually ordered by the insurance company or Fire Marshal. We need to assess the reason for the security guard so that we could provide the correct personnel for your establishment. We will also be called for bodyguard services in California, and it is important for us to understand the totality of the circumstances for which a bodyguard is being required. If a person requests a bodyguard service, and does not have any legitimate reason for it, we will usually not provide it. In other words, we are not going to blindly send a bodyguard with a client for a meeting that he may have, when that meeting may be for in an illegal reason. We are in the business of protecting people, assets and developing long-term relationships. There are many reasons companies require security guards and if you are considering hiring a security company, USPA Nationwide Security of California can provide references going back to 2005 in all 50 states and 14 countries, providing a vast array of security services, close protection, pathfinding services, security consulting, and even kidnap prevention and kidnap recovery with our parent company, USPA International Security.

USPA Nationwide Security of California will help you or your organization to mitigate risks, by providing security guard services for high risk terminations, fire watch security guards, armed security, general security services in your California business or residence. Our California Security Services are delivered by a high caliber team of security guards, supported by an excellent management team. Our security consultants have backgrounds in private security, military and law enforcement.

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